The advice centre offers expert advice and support to individuals from the canton of Graubünden who have been directly or indirectly affected by racial discrimination. Those who have been directly affected, their family members, witnesses and other third parties can all contact the advice centre. The centre also accepts anonymous reports.

Our counsellors adopt the following fundamental approach:

  • Respectful attitude: Openness, acceptance and respect for all those seeking advice.
  • Partiality: Advice centre employees take the part of their clients and deal with their concerns only. The aim is to strengthen and support people affected by discrimination, and to improve their circumstances.
  • Preservation of autonomy: Activities are carried out with the express consent of the person seeking advice only.
  • Networking: Other specialist service providers can be accessed for complex or internal administrative cases, in order to offer appropriate advice and support to every person and for each situation.
  • Free: The service is provided free of charge to those seeking advice. Intercultural interpreters can be supplied for consultations if necessary. The advice centre also covers these costs.

Definition of racial discrimination

Racial discrimination is any practice that withholds rights from people on the basis of how they look, ethnic origin, cultural traits (language, name) or religious affiliation, that treats people unfairly or intolerantly, insults them, defames them, or physically injures them. It can take place in daily life, at work, where you live, at school, when playing sport, in your personal life, in the context of public administration, or even on the street.

Racial discrimination is primarily concerned with the effect and not the motive.

Forms of racial discrimination

Direct discrimination is unlawful discrimination against a person that is directed against an actual or assumed personal characteristic.

Indirect discrimination occurs when there is a policy, practice or role that is intrinsically legal or neutral but has a disadvantageous effect on specific groups.

Multiple discrimination occurs if a person is simultaneously disadvantaged due to several discriminating characteristics (e.g. origin and disability/gender/sexual orientation/age).

Additional links

The following links contain additional information on the subject of racism and practical advice for dealing with racism in daily life and what you can do to prevent it.

How to contact us

  • Anti-racism advice centre

    Grabenstrasse 17001 ChurTel. 081 257 63 44 (can be contacted during office opening hours)

When you contact us, an advice centre counsellor will get in touch with you as soon as possible to agree an initial consultation.